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Generations  1-14
(3760 - 2080 BCE)

Generations 15-21
(2080 - 1240 BCE)

Generations 22-28
(1240 - 400 BCE)

Generations 29-35
(400 BCE - 440 CE)

Generations 36-42
(440 - 1280 CE)

Generations 43-49
(1280 - 2120 CE)

Generation 50

This is the period that spans over the period of the Greek and the Roman empires that lead to the Diaspora of the Jewish nation. The 7 periods of 120 years each cover up to the Hebrew year 4320, so about 440 CE.

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Alexander the Great
Hebrew years 3360-3480 - From 400 BCE
Alexander the Great, Simon the Just, "The world looks like a ball", Aristotle, Theophrastus, Death of Alexander, Ptolemaic Dynasty, Hecataeus of Abdera, Seleucid Dynasty

Ptolemaic and Seleucid empires, revolt of the Maccabees
Hebrew years 3480-3600 - From 280 BCE
The high priests since Jaddua, Joshua ben Elazar ben Sirach, Antigonus of Socho, The Septuagint, High Priest Onias II, Ptolemy IV Philopator, Demetrios the Chronographer, Ptolemy V Epiphanes, The Nash Papyrus, Judea under Seleucid rule, Aristobulus of Paneas, Heliodorus Stele, Antiochus IV Epiphanes, Antiochus spoils the Temple, Murder of Onias III the High Priest, Antiochus conquers Egypt, Yose ben Yoezer and the first Zugot
Antiochus' repression against Jerusalem, Decree against Judaism, The Sibylline Oracles, The Jewish revolt, Judah Maccabee, The Battle of Emmaus, Judah Maccabee restores the Temple service, Festival of Chanukkah, Death of Antiochus Epiphanes, Demetrius returns from Rome, New friendship bewteen the Maccabeans and Rome, Death of Judah Maccabee

Hasmonean dynasty
Hebrew years 3600-3720 - From 160 BCE
Death of Alcimus, the Hellenistic High Priest, Jonathan Maccabee, The Essenes, The Seleucid succession wars, Death of Alexander Balas, Death of Ptolemy Philometor, Death of Jonathan Maccabee, Simon Maccabee, Start of Hasmonean Dynasty, The nassi Joshua Ben Perachiah, Simon Maccabee High Priest, Death of Simon Maccabee, John Hyrcanus, Conversion of Idumea, The siege of Samaria, The Book of the Jubilees, Its date of the Exodus, Persecution of the Pharisees, Aristobulus and Antigonus

Alexander Jannai, Unrest in Judea, Simeon ben Shetach, The Book of Enoch, Demetrius III in Judea, Yeshu, the Jewish Jesus?, Siege of Antioch by Alexander, The kingdom of Armenia, Unrest in Egypt, Return of the Pharisees, Regency of Salome, Creation of public schools, Death of Salome, Zugot Shemaiah and Avtalyon, The campaign of Pompey, Hyrcanus II, Aristobulus, Death of Pompey, Cleopatra

Herod, Agrippa, Jesus, War of the Jews
Hebrew years 3720-3840 - From 40 BCE 
Antigonus and the ParthiansKing Herod, Earthquake in Judea, The Zugot Hillel and Shammai, Death of Hyrcanus, Death of Mariamne and Alexandra, Reconstruction of the Second Temple, Execution of Herod's sons, Birth of Jesus, Death of Herod, Dispute over Herod's succession, Judea becomes Roman Province, Death of Hillel, Simeon ben Hillel, Gamaliel, Pontius Pilate, "I am Gabriel" stone, The Sanhedrin leaves the Temple, John the Baptist, Crucifixion of Jesus

The massacre of Alexandria
, Marullus and Caligula, Claudius, Agrippa king of Judea, Claudius' letter to the people of Alexandria, Agrippa II king of Judea, The great famine, Queen Helena of Adiabene, Death of Rabban Gamaliel, Shimon ben Gamaliel, Felix procurator of Judea, Emperor Nero, Death of Queen Helena, Assassination of Jonathan the High Priest, Paul the Apostle, Stoning of James the Just

The War of the Jews, Cestius' campaign, The Scroll of the Fasts, Vespasian, The fall of Jotapata, The fall of Gamla, The reign of Terror, Johanan ben Zakkai, Rome after Nero, The Year of the Four Emperors, Simon bar Giora, Emperor Vespasian

The siege of Jerusalem by Titus, The Romans penetrate the city, The final assault, The fall of Jerusalem, Destruction of the Second Temple, The chronology of the Temples by Josephus, Assault on the Upper City, Chase after the last fighters, The Western Wall

The Sabbation River, Masada, Tacitus on the Jews, Pompeii

Hebrew years 3840-3960 - From 80 CE
Rabbi Akiva, Death of Titus, Death of Johanan ben Zakai, Gamaliel II, Persecutions by Domitian, Jewish mission to Rome, The Halley comet, Emperor Nerva, Abolition of the Fiscus Judaicus, Targum Onkelos, Emperor Trajan, Jewish uprising in Cyrene, Siege of Lydda, Emperor Hadrian, Simeon bar Yohai and the Zohar, R. Joshua ben Hananyah and the Emperor, Aelia Capitolina, Revolt of Bar-Kochba, End of the Great Revolt

Dialogue with Trypho, Emperor Antoninus Pius, The Sanhedrin under Shimon ben Gamaliel II, The death of Rabbi Simeon bar Yochai, The Seder Olam Rabbah, Compilation of the Mishna under Juda ha-Nassi, The cure of rabies, The fair allocationThe Year of the Five Emperors, The Jews of Sardis in Asia Minor, Anesthesia on Rabbi Elazar

Diaspora and the fall of Rome
Hebrew years 3960-4080 - From 200 CE
New Millennium, The Jewish Diaspora, About 1000 BCE, The Assyrian deportations, The Babylonian conquest, The Persian conquest, The Greek world, The fall of Carthage, The Roman empire

Emperor Septimus Severus, Edict of Caracalla, Emperor Alexander Severus, The crisis of the Third Century, The Sefer Yetzirah (Book the Creation), Resh Lakish and the number of stars in the Universe, Samuel and thePleiades, The Jews of Dura-Europos, Emperor Diocletian, Persecutions of the Christians, Emperor Constantine and the Edict of Milan, The New Testament

Hebrew years 4080-4200 - From 320 CE
The 35th Generation, The School of Pumbedita, Rabba and the size of the Earth, Abaye and the Solar Cycle, Aha and the rotation of the Earth, Bereshit RabbahThe Council of Nicaea, Byzantium, Codex Vaticanus, Codex Sinaiticus, the pilgrim of Bordeaux, The Tabula Peutingeriana, Hamnuna the Elder and the rotation of the Earth,  Jewish revolt against Gallus, Hillel II and the Calendar, Emperor Julian "the Apostate", The earthquake of 363 CE, John Chrysostom, Emperor Theodosius splits the Roman EmpireThe Talmud of Jerusalem, The Vulgate translation in Latin, End of the Sanhedrin, The Barbarians

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