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What is New?

Date Addition
March 2019
- A people without a Land, the motto of Christian Zionists
August 2018- The number 6 is associated with Nature
June 2018- Why Joseph called himself "father for Pharaoh"
May 2018- the creation of Transjordan, from the British Mandate over Palestine
December 2017- USA recognizes Jerusalem as capital of the State of Israel
September 2017- Cultic offerings of the fruits of human labour took place in the Late Chalcolithic, at the time of Abel and Cain 
- Jonah lived a longer life, to accomplish his mission; he first prophesized under Jeroboam II, then at the reign of Sennacherib
January 2017- Added my certification from the Israeli Ministry of Tourism; so if you visit Israel, don't hesitate to contact me as your Tour Guide !
December 2016- archeaologists  resolved an historical mystery: they found the name of the Roman governor of Judea during the Bar-Kochba revolt
- the Danites, Israelite of Aegean invaders?
- the UN vote against Israel: a prelude to the doom of Edom
September 2016- how to defile a high place? by placing a toilet seat in it, as described by the Bible and as found by archaeological evidence
August 2016- the massive pillars of the Second Temple, as described by Josephus, can still be seen in Jerusalem
July 2016- Herzl meets with Kaizer Wilhelm II in Jerusalem 
February 2016- Pompey and Pompeii: acts of God?
October 2015- a stele found in Jerusalem in 1872 proves right the narrative of Josephus about the Temple Mount
- analysis of the text from Pirke de-rabbi Elizer concerning its prophecy about the Exile of Ishmael
September 2015- Yom Kippur and the Jubilee cycle
- Waves of Muslims migrate to Europe
- Russia sets foot in the Levant
August 2015- the origin of the angel Metatron, according to the Book of Enoch
- controversy about the age of Rebekah when she married Isaac
- the 210 years of exile in Egypt according to Rashi
- complements on the story of the civil war between Amaziah of Judah and Jehoash of Israel
July 2015- the agreement for Nuclear Iran will open the gates of a new era
June 2015- archaeologists have found a jar bearing the name Eshbaal, which was the name of one of Saul's sons
May 2015- the Roman games and the position of the Talmud during the reign of Septimus Severus
- the earliest synagogue found in Israel at Umm el-Umdan, dated from the 1st century BCE (Hasmonean)
- Sinan Reis, "the Great Jew", helped Barbarossa win the decisive naval battle of Preveza in 1538
- the Mongols in Jerusalem, in 1260
- the Alya of the Hassidim in 1700
- Joshua conquered the Canaanite city-state of Hazor and burnt it
April 2015- the Tale of Sinuhe, describes the burial practice in Canaan of the EB-MB Bronze period
- Salem and the making of wine; it is also 
the first-time mention of the name Jerusalem in ancient (Egyptian) texts
- the first inscription that used Phoenician alphabet was found on King Hiram's sarcophagus
- the Kathisma church, of Byzantine period, later transformed into a mosque
- the Heliodorus Stele, marking the first clash between Judea and the Seleucid rulers
- the Zenon Papyri, an important source of information about the life and business in Hellenistic Judea of the 3rd century BCE
- the hoard of coins found in Tel Maresha in 1989 helped the dating of the conquest of Idumea by John Hyrcanus in 112 BCE
- the Fear of the year 1000: myth or reality?
March 2015- the Umayyad, first dynasty of Islam, started in 661 CE
February 2015- Empress Eudocia in Jerusalem and the additions she made to the city (ca. 450 CE)
- Jerusalem becomes a Patriarchy in 451, thus regaining the status of capital of the Holy Land that it had lost in Roman times
- revised text on the Muslim monuments on the Temple Mount: the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa mosque
- the Saljuks conquer Anatolia (1071 CE) and Jerusalem (1073 CE)
January 2015- additions of Samson related locations in Judges & Kingdom map (see Home page)
- the names of the captors of Prophet Jeremiah, mentioned in the Bible, are proven by Archaeology !
- the land of Amuru, as a first description of the people of the Levant in Sumerian text
- the land of the sand dwellers as a first description of the land of Canaan, ca. 2300 BCE
- the confusion of the languages, as described in the Bible's episode of the Tower of Babel, is confirmed by an ancient text
- details about the Yehud nation within the 5th satrapy of the Persian empire
- the Jewish community of Elephantine, Egypt
- the Pseudo-Scylax narrative proves that the Persians employed the Phoenicians to build a navy to support their empire
- the secret night walk of Nehemiah to inspect the walls of Jerusalem in 445 BCE
December 2014- the tomb of Beni Hasan in Egypt, depicting Semitic immigrants in the time of Abraham
- the victory stele of Seti I against Beth-Shean
- more findings on the Revolt of Bar-Kochba
- the clay seals found in Tell El-Hesy confirm there was a central power (monarchy) at the time of David ca. 1000 BCE
- the pilgrimage of Arculf in the Holy Land, about the year 670 CE
- description of the Roman map so-called Tabula Peutingeriana
- the Madeba Map
- anecdote narrated by a 19th century traveller: When the Jews owned Jerusalem... for one hour !
- the religious reform of King Hezekiah is proven by archaeology
- the ivory pomegranate: genuine artifact or forgery?
- unexplicable climate changes accelerated the demise of the Assyrian empire
- a race of giants unearthed in the land of Bashan (fake story derived from the Biblical narrative)
- the account of the pilgrim of Bordeaux who travelled to the Holy Land in 333 CE
- archaeologists found the location of the camp of general Sisera before his battle against Deborah the prophetess
- the archaeological proofing of the location of Joshua's altar on Mount Ebal
November 2014- the statue of Idri-mi revisited
- the Narmer Palette depicts the Canaanite city of Tel Arad, ca. 3000 BCE
- the archaeological site of Gilgal Rephaim, remains from the Anakim giants?
September 2014- Added Generation 49 as pre-Messianic times: Happy New Year 5775
- the Balaam inscription, found in Jordan in 1967, is another archaeological proof of the Bible
August 2014- cosmetics improvements on the pages to help view the information by dates or subjects covered; start from the menu on the left side, with groups of generations
- Mark Twain, during his visit to the Holy Land in 1867, describes its utter desolation and emptiness
- Og, a survivor of the Flood
- addition of various extracts from the
Pirke de-Rabbi Eliezer
July 2014- Casimir III of Poland protects the Jews; his Jewish mistress "Esther"
- in an article published in 1919, the writer called for help for six million Jews who were about to die of an "holocaust"
- Moses Hess, author of Rome and Jerusalem in 1862, was the "proto-Zionist"
June 2014- Jihad against America opened a new era in the world situation, back in year 5757 AM
- Sir Stuart Samuel's British Mission to Poland in 1919 reports of wholesales murders of Jews in that country
- explanation of the 990 years mentioned in the Book of Zerubbabel
- the end of the Sanhedrin and the collapse of the Roman Empire
- the Messianic prediction of Rabbi Judah of Regensburg 
- Israel's first Sabbatical year in 1952
May 2014- letter of the leader of the Maronites of Lebanon to the U.N. in 1947 concerning the creation of a Jewish State 
- Solomon Alami and his Iggeret Musar in 1415
- Hasdai Crescas and the massacre of Barcelona; from 5151 to 5252
- the 6 Iyar is Israel's independence day: other modern events justify this date
April 2014- the traveller Pierre Belon described the presence of Jews in the Levant ca. 1555
- the lightning rod was known to the Ancients and was described some 400 years before Benjamin Franklin "discovered" it
- the Tempest Stele of Ahmose I 
- the counting of the First Jubilee, in Hebrew year 2500; see also the 11th Jubilee at the time of Hezekiah and Isaiah; and the Jubilee connection between Jacob and the State of Israel
Archaeology proves the existence of massive silos in the time of Ahomose I (the Pharaoh who promoted Joseph as viceroy)
- Addition of two new timeline charts: from Adam to Abraham and from Abraham to Moses
March 2014- Talmudists and astronomy: the examples of Rabba, Abaye and Rabbi Aha
Translation of the Seder Olam Rabbah, with annotations, part 4, calculations about the Flood
- The Maharam of Rothenburg
- the Court of Ur-Nammu and its connection to Abraham's family
- Translation of the Seder Olam Rabbah, with annotations,
part 3, from the sojourn in Egypt to the Exodus
- The debate between secular and religious, at the time of Ben Gurion and Chazon Ish
- Translation of the Seder Olam Rabbah, with annotations,
part 2, from Jacob to Joseph in Egypt
February 2014- Translation of the Seder Olam Rabbah, with annotations, part 1, from Abraham to Jacob
- the Bat Creek inscription
January 2014- the execution of Raphael Levy in France in 1670, accused of ritual murder
- Rabbi Joshua of the 1st century CE knew of the periodicity of the comets 1600 before Halley !
- Story of Rabbi Amnon of Mainz, in medieval Germany, to read it, click here

- Happy 2014; the 1st January 2014 falls on 29 Tevet 5774, a time of the month when the moon is not apparent in the sky
December 2013- Quotes from Scientists added in the page on Creation
- The Continental Drift, alluded to in the Scriptures
- Parasha Shemot: the parallel between the Creation, the Flood and the birth of Moses
- The parallel of 480 years period: the vow-caused deaths of Rachel and of Yiftah's daughter, and the redemption period with the burial of Jacob and the construction of the First Temple
- Created a map for the period of the Greek rule until the end of the Hasmonean dynasty; see it in 
History Kingdom section of the Home page
November 2013- Created a map for the period of the Judges until the First Temple using Google Maps toolsee it in History Kingdom section of the Home page
- Added some explanations related to the festival of Chanukah, see details in pages for the return to the Temple service and in the 36th Generation
- Created a map for the Biblical period
using Google Maps tool; see it in History section of the Home page
- The Holocaust and its relation with the Scriptures
- Explanation on the Number 70, as exile period, and relation to the creation of the State of Israel; see Index of Names and then Number 70
- Added Generation 48 in two parts - the Return to Sion - the State of Israel
- The division of the day into 24 hours: click here
October 2013- The cycle of 7 mankind generations: to check it, click here
- Added Generation 47 - Emancipation ; to view this page, click here
- The date of Exodus according to the Book of the Jubilees (Sefer ha-Yovel)
- Added Generation 46 - Old Regime ; to view this page, click here
- Added Generation 45 - Renaissance ; to view this page, click here
- Added Generation 44 - New World ; to view this page, click here
September 2013 - Added Generation 43 - Mysticism ; to view the page, click here
- Added Generation 42, with two sections: Maimonides and Inquisition ; to view the pages, click here
- Added Generation 41 - Crusades ; to view the page, click here ; and happy Sukkot to all
- Added Generation 40 - Middle Age ; to view this page, click here
- Entry about the Sefer Yetzirah; to see it, click here
- Generation 38: addition of the story of the "king of the Jews" in Narbonne, France
- According to a recent research, mentioned in BBC web site, the first ruler/king over Egypt only started around 3100 BCE, and not earlier as previously estimated; this finding puts History back in line with Biblical timeline ! The following pages have thus been updated: generations 04 and 06
- Added Generation 39 - Charlemagne ; to view this new page, click here
- Happy New Year 5774 !
August 2013- Generation 38 - the Moors ; to view it, click here
- Addition of Print Page function in the web pages
- Created a Donate button for Paypal donations ; every little thing helps... Thank You
July 2013 Reached Generation 37 - Islam ; to view it, click here
March-June 2013 Content creation, based on Biblical and ancient history up to the end of the Roman Empire
28 March 2013 Opening of the web site and section 'Creation'

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