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סדר עולם - חדש



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Generations  1-14
(3760 - 2080 BCE)

Generations 15-21
(2080 - 1240 BCE)

Generations 22-28
(1240 - 400 BCE)

Generations 29-35
(400 BCE - 440 CE)

Generations 36-42
(440 - 1280 CE)

Generations 43-49
(1280 - 2120 CE)

Generation 50

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  • Obadiah ben Abraham, Jewish scholar from Bertinoro, Italy, who settled in Jerusalem in 1488 and revived the Jewish community there
  • Octavian, see Augustus
  • Og, legendary giant and king of Bashan, in Biblical times
  • Omar ibn al-Khattab, one of his fathers-in-law of Muhammad, who led the conquest of Palestine and of the Sassanid empire
  • Onkelos, a Roman convert, from noble origin, author of the Targum
  • Othniel, conqueror of Hebron, became Judge 
  • Oxyrhynchus Papyrii, several papyrii found in Egypt and which contain, for some of them, references to Biblical stories

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  • Qumran, location of an ancient Essenes city on the western side of the Dead Sea where scrolls of manuscripts dating from 100BCE and later were found in 1946
  • Qurayzah, the last Jewish tribe of Medina that Muhammad ordered to murder

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  • Umayyad, the first dynasty of Islam after the Rashidun period
  • Unetanneh Tokef, prayer read during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, see entry on 'Amnon of Mainz'
  • Ur, city-state of Mesopotamia
  • Ur-Nammucity-state of Mesopotamia, code
  • Uruk, city-state of Mesopotamia
  • Ussher chronology, Christian chronology of the Bible
  • Uzziah Tablet, a stone found in Jerusalem bearing the mention of the bones of King Uzziah

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  • Vale of the Tears, book written by Joseph Ha-Cohen that relates the persecutions and ordeals of Jews in Medieval times
  • Vandals, barbarian people who invaded Northern Africa and sacked Rome 
  • Venice, city of Northern Italy which featured both the first ghetto in Europe and the first printing of the Talmud
  • Vespasian, Roman general conqueror of Judea, then emperor founder of the Flavia dynasty, father of Titus
  • Vilna Gaon, a leading figure of Orthodox Jewry in late 18th century Lithuania, and left a strong legacy in European Jewry
  • Vital, Hayim, disciple of Kabbalist Isaac Luria who compiled his teachings in the book Etz Chayim
  • Vulgate, Latin translation of the Hebrew Bible

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  • Wannsee Conference, meeting of Nazi officials who decided for the Final Solution to exterminate the European Jews
  • War of the Jews (66-70 CE)
  • Wilhelm II, Kayser of Prussia, who came to Jerusalem in 1898 and met Theodor Herzl
  • William of Norwich, name of a young boy found murdered in Norwich and for which the Jews were accused of blood libel
  • Writing, invention

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  • Xerxes, see Ahasuerus

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  • Yafeth, son of Noah, his sons, descendants 
  • Yavneh, religious school established by Johanan ben Zakai
  • Yitro, priest of the Midianites, father-in-law of Moses
  • York, a city of Northern England where Jews were massacred in the Middle Age
  • Yusef Dhu Nuwas, sse Dhu Nuwas

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  • Zadok, disciple of Antigonus of Socho from whom the Saduccee sect started
  • Zakkur Stele
  • Zealots, Jewish sect in favour of the revolt against Rome, created when Judea became a Roman province
  • Zionism, see Herzl, Theodor
  • Zionist Congress, organization that gathered Jews from different nations to help build the institutions to promote and implement a Jewish homeland in Palestine
  • Zohar, mystical book authored by Simeon bar Yohai; it started to be publicly known around 1280 CE

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