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Generations  1-14
(3760 - 2080 BCE)

Generations 15-21
(2080 - 1240 BCE)

Generations 22-28
(1240 - 400 BCE)

Generations 29-35
(400 BCE - 440 CE)

Generations 36-42
(440 - 1280 CE)

Generations 43-49
(1280 - 2120 CE)

Generation 50

This is the period that spans from the Flood until the Exodus. The 7 periods of 120 years each cover up to the Hebrew year 2520, so about 1240 BCE.

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The sons of Noah
Hebrew years 1680-1800 - From 2080 BCE
The sons of Noah, The sons of Yafeth, Gog and Magog, The sons of Cham, The sons of Shem

Peoples of the earth
Hebrew years 1800-1920 - From 1960 BCE
The descendants from Noah, Ashkenaz, Yavan, Cush, Mizrayim, Canaan, Aram, Arpachshad, Ancient Mesopotamia, Origin of the Hebrews

Hebrew years 1920-2040 - From 1840 BCE
Birth of Abraham, Nimrod, The Code of Hammurabi, The Tower of Babel, As a lightning rod, The sacrifice of Haran, New Millennium, Death of Noah, Death of Hammurabi, God speaks to Abraham, Abraham in Egypt, The Hyksos, The Ipuwer Papyrus,  Rebellion against Babylon, God makes an alliance with Abraham, Birth of Ishmael

Hebrew years 2040-2160 - From 1720 BCE
The Covenant with Abraham, Sodom and Gomorrah, Birth of Isaac, Hagar is sent off, Sacrifice of Isaac, Death of Terach, Death of Sarah, Union of Isaac and Rebekah, Abraham and Keturah, Birth of Jacob and Esau, Death of Abraham, Esau sells his birth right, Death of Shelah, Esau's Canaanite wives, Death of Seth, The Flood in the ancient tales

Jacob and Joseph
Hebrew years 2160-2280 - From 1600 BCE
Isaac's blessing to Jacob and Esau, Death of Ishmael, Jacob in Charan, Death of Eber, Leah and Rachel, Birth of Joseph, Jacob plays with Genetics, Return to Canaan, Death of Rachel, Idri-Mi
Joseph is sold by his brothers, Death of Isaac, Descendance of Esau, Judah and Tamar, Joseph viceroy of Egypt, The famine, The Tempest Stele, Jacob in Egypt, The "70 souls", The land of Goshen, The 18th Dynasty of Egypt, Joseph as Ineni, Death of Jacob, Burial of Jacob in Canaan  

Slavery in Egypt
Hebrew years 2280-2400 - From 1480 BCE
Hatshepsut, Thutmose III, Death of Joseph, Death of Levi, Amenhotep II, Thutmose IV, Enslavement of the Hebrews, Amenhotep III, Birth of Aaron, Birth of Moses, Tetragram at Soleb Temple

Moses, Exodus, Joshua
Hebrew years 2400-2520 - From 1360 BCE
Amenhotep IV, Akhenaten, The Great Hymn of Aten, Death of Akhenaten, Tutankhamen, Death of Nefertiti, Pharaoh Ay
Pharaoh HoremhebThe EXODUS, The 430 years, The 400 years, The years in Egypt, The 4th generation in Egypt, Death of HoremhebThe giving of the TorahThe cycle of 7 generations, Census of the IsraelitesThe ExplorersCaleb and JoshuaEncounter with MoabThe prophet Balaam, Seti I's campaign in Canaan, Ramses IIThe Land of CanaanDeath of Aaron, Og the king of Bashan, Death of Moses
Start of the Conquest of CanaanThe fall of Ai, Joshua's altar on Mount Ebal, Coalition of the Canaanites, Allotment of the landThe First JubileeThe 12 TribesCaleb's plea to Joshua

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