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Generations  1-14
(3760 - 2080 BCE)

Generations 15-21
(2080 - 1240 BCE)

Generations 22-28
(1240 - 400 BCE)

Generations 29-35
(400 BCE - 440 CE)

Generations 36-42
(440 - 1280 CE)

Generations 43-49
(1280 - 2120 CE)

Generation 50

This is the period that spans from the Diaspora of the Jewish nation to the start of its spiritual redemption with the era of Nahmanides, Maimonides, the Kabbalah, and other Sages. The 7 periods of 120 years each cover up to Hebrew Year 5040, so about 1280 CE. The end of this period signals the turn into the last millennium.

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Hebrew years 4200-4320 - From 440 CE
Empress Eudocia in Jerusalem, Jerusalem becomes a Patriarchy, The sack of Rome by the Vandals, Fall of the Roman Empire, The Jews against the Vandals, Completion of the Talmud, Midrash Tanhuma, The end of the world, The last Jewish king of Yemen, Denys le Petit sets the Christian calendar, Emperor Justinian, Closure of the Greek academia, The Byzantines conquer North Africa, The Kathisma church, The Byzantine empire, The Madaba map

Islam and Jihad
Hebrew years 4320-4440 - From 560 CE 
Birth of Muhammad, First forced conversions of Jews in France, Start of the Gaonim era, Pope Gregory protects the JewsMuhammad's revelationThe Persians conquer Jerusalem, The Sassanid Empire, The Muslim Calendar, Muhammad and the Jews, HeracliusThe Book of Zerubbabel, Muhammad takes MeccaDeath of MuhammadThe Muslims conquer JerusalemDeath of OmarThe Muslims conquer Carthage, The Umayyad dynasty, The Kathisma mosque, The Muslim conquest of North Africa, The pilgrimage of Arculf

The Moors
Hebrew years 4440-4560 - From 680 CE
The Kahina queen of the BerbersThe Dome of the Rock in JerusalemThe Al-Aqsa Mosque in  JerusalemThe Muslim conquest of SpainThe Table of Solomon, The Jihad is stopped in FranceThe Abbasid Caliphate, Makhir and the Jews of NarbonneThe Karaites, Al-Andalus (Muslim Spain)Avot de-Rabbi Nathan, Pirke de-Rabbi Eliezer

Hebrew years 4560-4680 - From 800 CE
The Khazars adopt Judaism, Seder Olam Zutta, The Exilarchs, Ecclesia and Synagoga, Pesikta Rabbati and the duration of the Temples, Jerusalem under the Caliphate of Egypt, Saadia against the Karaites

Hebrew years 4680-4800 - From 920 CE
Saadia Gaon, The dispute of the Babylonian Jewry, Hasdai ibn Shaprut, The Holy Roman Empire, Rabbi Amnon of Mainz, End of the Caliphate of Cordoba, Samuel ha-Nagid, End of the Gaonim era, Solomon ibn Gabirol

Hebrew years 4800-4920 - From 1040 CE
Solomon ibn Gabirol and The Fountain of LifeThe Great SchismThe Norman conquest of EnglandThe massacre of GranadaThe Jews of FesRashi of TroyesThe Saljuks conquer Jerusalem, The massacres of the First CrusadeThe conquest of Jerusalem in 1099The KinnotPetrus AlphonsiAbraham bar Hiyya and the Sefer ha-HibburJudah Halevi and The KuzariWilliam of Norwich, The accusation of blood libelAaron of Lincoln

Maimonides, Inquisition
Hebrew years 4920-5040 - From 1160 CE
The Sefer ha-KabbalahThe Jews of BeziersThe Jews of ChinaBenjamin of TudelaThe CatharsMaimonidesRitual murder in BloisThird Council of LateranThe Jews of ToledoThe Jews are expelled from FranceConquest of Jerusalem by Saladin in 1187Massacre of LondonMassacre of YorkThe Jews of NarbonneEnd of the Third CroisadeThe Exchequer of the JewsJudah ben Samuel of Regensburg

Crusade against the Cathars, War against the Almohads 4th Council of Lateran The Inquisition The burning of Maimonides' works Louis IX of France Massacres of Jews in Europe The disputation of ParisRabbenu Yona and the burning of the Talmud Innocent IV pleads for the Jews The crusade of Louis IXThe Mongols in Jerusalem, The disputation of Barcelona, The Jews of PolandThe Jews of PragueThe Jews of CastileAbulafia and Pope Nicholas III

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